Is Associated Content Worth Your Time?

Writing has always been an important communication tool. Before there were computers, letters allowed family members separated by thousands of miles to keep in touch. Soldiers sitting on foreign fields used letters to let their loved ones know they were alive. Computers and the internet have only increased this phenomenon. E-mail allows employees to keep in touch, at any time day or night. Chat rooms allows people to meet like minded individuals across the country. Writing is now becoming a way to make money online. Associated Content offers budding writers the chance to get paid while learning the craft.

Associated Content allows writers to submit articles on any subject. Personally, this is their most appealing quality. I belong to several writing sites. I will be writing reviews about each one, however Associated Content is certainly my favorite. I find it easier to write on whatever subject is on my mind, at that moment. Associated Content allows me to do that. Whether you want to write on American Idol, President Obama, Wrestlemania, or how you house trained your dog, you can.

Not all writers like choosing their own topic. You may prefer to have topic ideas given to you. Associated Content will still work for you. Associated Content provides writers with general topic ideas. Associated Content's topic suggestions are based on potential performance. For instance, around Valentine's Day, Associated Content offered topics suggestions such as "Top 10 flower shops in ____" and "Ways to make Valentine's Day romantic".

Writing is a craft. Anyone can sit down and write their thoughts. That does not mean that anyone would want to read them. You have to be able to put yourself in your reader's shoes and provide timely, interesting information. Often, critic from other writers can be crucial. Associated Content has created a community that is willing to support new writers. Associated Content's writers (they call them "content producers") are very willing to provide support.

When I first started I contacted a veteran content producer Michelle Devon. She did not know me from Adam. In my email, I introduced myself and asked her to provide any tips she could about being successful with Associated Content. I explained that I was a new writer and offered to provide promotional links to her articles. I received a response within a few hours. She was more than willing to help. Michelle offered me some very valuable advice. I will share her tips in a later article. To my surprise, Michelle did not expect anything in return. Michelle stated that she would appreciate any promotional links but that her advice was not contigent on them.

Associated Content provides a tiered payment system. In my experience, writing sites pay in
one of three ways; upfront payment per submission, pay per view, or pay per sale. Associated Content provides a two tier payment system. Associated Content pays writers upfront and then for every view the article receives. Associated Content's upfront payments range from approximately $3 - $10. Associated Content then pays from $1 - $2 for every 1000 views an article receives.

This pay may not sound like a large amount of money. However, it can add up. I have been writing for Associated Content since October 2008. I have not been the most active writer. I have only written 25 articles. To date, these articles have earned me $51.41. My total is lower than some because not all my article were submitted for upfront payment. I only submitted 12 articles for upfront payment.

Greed got the best of me. Associated Content reviews every article submitted for upfront payment. This review process can take up to five days. I thought more money could be made by submitting daily, time sensitive articles without the upfront payment. Most of these articles were written on political topics. By doing this, I potentially left between $36 and $120 on the table.

Writing is only one way to make money online. However, this can require the least amount of preparation. After all, we all have opinions and love to express them. Associated Content can be a wonderful partner in this endeavor. Whether you want to choose your own topic or prefer to choose topics from a list, Associated Content will meet your needs. Associated Content allows writers to make money in two different ways, immediately from upfront payments and for posterity through performance payments. Associated Content's community of writers will assist you in producing high quality pieces. No matter why you write or on what topics, Associated Content is a great way to earn extra money.

I hope each of you will find Associated Content to be a lucrative endeavor. I look forward to assisting you in any way that I can. Should you choose to join Associated Content, feel free to e-mail me. I will provide every new writer with the advice that Michelle provided me and some additional tips I have learned. May every one of you achieve your dreams.

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