Avoid Data Entry Bank!

Knowing which opportunities to avoid online is as important as knowing which ones to use. DataEntryBank.com was my introduction to internet marketing. This site did provide a large amount of good information, however, the problems quickly outweighed the benefits.

DataEntryBank.com did provide me with basic information about internet marketing. DataEntryBank.com provided me with the basics on creating ads on Google, MSN, and Yahoo. This site also introduced me to Clickbank.com. The knowledge I gained was worth the $75 I spent. They have since lowered their cost to $49.

One of the first things DataEntryBank.com suggests is advertising their program. Their site states "After all, you bought this program". It seemed like sound logic to me, so I began advertising them through Clickbank.com. Two weeks after I began advertising, they were removed from Clickbank's offerings. The reason given by Clickbank was due to too many returns. I soon experienced the same phenomenon. Over 20% of my sales requested returns.

DataEntryBank.com has a threshold of $100 before an affiliate is paid. Through my advertising efforts, I quickly achieved $100 in sales. DataEntryBank.com had advertised payments through Paypal. When I reached the threshold, they announced that they were having issues using Paypal. They stated payment would be sent in the form of a check. I did not realize that they were not based in the United States. I received payment in the form of a check from England. I took it to my bank. They stated that it would cost me $85 to have the funds converted into US dollars. There went most of my profits. I did not blame DataEntryBank's staff. I wrote this off as my lack of due dilligence. I should have asked more questions about where they were based, however, the issues continued.

I have tried to contact them multiple times. I sent an e-mail to the DataEntryBank staff. I told them of my situation and asked for some ideas on how to handle it. I also misplaced my login to the DataEntryBank.com site. I have sent them three e-mails explaining the situation and requesting my login again. This was over a year ago and I still have not received any response. I am not trying to slander anyone. I still have the e-mails and am glad to provide them to anyone wishing for verification.

I am not the only person that has experienced issues with this site. You can read other people's experience at Scam.com,Yahoo Answers, and McAfee Site Advisor. I would not recommend purchasing the DataEntryBank.com program. The same information can be found for free at site's such as ZacJohnson.com.


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