Journey for the Holy Grail...More Blog Traffic

Blogs have become more popular. Tens of thousands of blog go live each month. Colleges are even starting to make blogs part of college courses. Some blogs are meant to be for entertainment only. Some are trying to share information with like minded people. Others are trying to make money online. Common ways of making money blogging is by commission from affiliate marketing or ad revenue. Whether you are just wanting to share information or generate income, you must be able to generate traffic to your site. Generating higher blog traffic has become the Holy Grail of blogging. These are lessons I have learned in my quest for the Blogger's Holy Grail.



Infinite Income Plan And Why We All Need A Business Model.

Every business needs a strategy. Whether your business is physical and in the high street or whether it is digitized and solely online therefore it is imperative that you need some form of groundwork, blueprint or guide to get your business started and to allow it to grow successfully. For a quickly thrown together or conceived concept will just end in failure and monetary loss.



Setting Up RSS Feeds & Analytics

RSS - A Brief Intro

RSS is 'Really Simple Syndication'. It allows visitors to your blog to have your posts sent to them automatically with a method of their choosing, instead of having to come to your web page each day to look for an update. This can be helpful if someone follows several blogs as they can use the RSS reader tool to look at all the blogs in just one place.

The RSS feed is a unique URL published by the blog, this is what is needed for your visitors to subscribe to your blog with RSS. You'll be glad to hear that there is very little to do, as all the blog platforms have the RSS technology already built in, including WordPress. In fact, chances are you won't have to do anything if you have already chosen your theme.