Journey for the Holy Grail...More Blog Traffic

Blogs have become more popular. Tens of thousands of blog go live each month. Colleges are even starting to make blogs part of college courses. Some blogs are meant to be for entertainment only. Some are trying to share information with like minded people. Others are trying to make money online. Common ways of making money blogging is by commission from affiliate marketing or ad revenue. Whether you are just wanting to share information or generate income, you must be able to generate traffic to your site. Generating higher blog traffic has become the Holy Grail of blogging. These are lessons I have learned in my quest for the Blogger's Holy Grail.



Infinite Income Plan And Why We All Need A Business Model.

Every business needs a strategy. Whether your business is physical and in the high street or whether it is digitized and solely online therefore it is imperative that you need some form of groundwork, blueprint or guide to get your business started and to allow it to grow successfully. For a quickly thrown together or conceived concept will just end in failure and monetary loss.



Setting Up RSS Feeds & Analytics

RSS - A Brief Intro

RSS is 'Really Simple Syndication'. It allows visitors to your blog to have your posts sent to them automatically with a method of their choosing, instead of having to come to your web page each day to look for an update. This can be helpful if someone follows several blogs as they can use the RSS reader tool to look at all the blogs in just one place.

The RSS feed is a unique URL published by the blog, this is what is needed for your visitors to subscribe to your blog with RSS. You'll be glad to hear that there is very little to do, as all the blog platforms have the RSS technology already built in, including WordPress. In fact, chances are you won't have to do anything if you have already chosen your theme.



Trying to Make Money Online? Quit Trying and Just Do It!

The internet is chocked full of people trying to teach you to make money online. Heck, this blog is dedicated to the same thing. You can even by books and reports, on late night television that claim to teach the same thing. To put it in the words of Anthony Robbins, "Why do people not follow Nike's advice and "Just Do It"?"



10 Best Types of Links

Link building is essential to increasing your Google search engine rankings. Volume is no longer the major criteria; quality and variety of links are what count now. So which types of links will help your site the most - give you the most "link juice?"

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World's Dumbest Criminals

Doctors have stated that laughter is the best medicine. My new blog is dedicated to making everyone laugh. What makes people laugh more than dumb criminal stories? Whether it be a bank robber that writes the robber note on his paycheck or a guy who decides it is a good idea to throw a keg into a bonfire, these stories will keep you laughing. Head on over to World's Dumbest Criminals for even more dumb criminal stories.



Reporter vs Expert - Why Most Bloggers Are Stuck Reporting

There are basically two types of bloggers in the world - reporters and experts - and some people perform both roles (usually the experts, it's hard for reporters to become experts, but it's easy for experts to report).

If you have ever taken an Internet marketing course or attended a seminar specifically for beginners, you have probably heard about the two different methodologies. Whenever the business model is based on content, and if you blog for money then the model is based on content, people are taught to either start as reporters, or if possible step up as experts.

I'll be frank; you want to be the expert.

Reporters leverage the content of the experts and in most cases people start off as reporters because they haven't established expertise. Experts enjoy the perks of preeminence, higher conversion rates because of perceived value, it's easier to get publicity, people are more likely to seek you out rather than you having to seek others out, joint ventures come easier, etc. experts in most cases simply make more money and attract more attention.



Monetize with Twitter

Twitter has become the newest tool for staying in touch with friends or creating a following. We have even seen the battle to 1 million followers between Ashton Kutcher and CNN. Twitter is poised to become the largest social network available. But, can you use Twitter to increase your income. Steve Poland founder of inseconds recently wrote Make Money With Twitter! 5 Monetization Models. Steve Poland shows some ways that you can monetize with Twitter.

Build a Following
Probably the most important step is to build a following. It does not matter how many ads you send out if no one is reading them. Steve suggests a following begins with your username. Steve Poland states "Have a Twitter username for “Knicks” (i.e. NY Knicks, a basketball team in the NBA). People add that user as their friend — the “Knicks” username pushes out any Knicks news… the minute it happens! Ditto on sports scores — if a Knicks game is going on, it’ll send out the score during the game to keep you alerted, if you want to be. If you can get 10,000 Knicks fans on your list." Once you have a following then you can begin to monetize.



Avoid Data Entry Bank!

Knowing which opportunities to avoid online is as important as knowing which ones to use. DataEntryBank.com was my introduction to internet marketing. This site did provide a large amount of good information, however, the problems quickly outweighed the benefits.

DataEntryBank.com did provide me with basic information about internet marketing. DataEntryBank.com provided me with the basics on creating ads on Google, MSN, and Yahoo. This site also introduced me to Clickbank.com. The knowledge I gained was worth the $75 I spent. They have since lowered their cost to $49.

One of the first things DataEntryBank.com suggests is advertising their program. Their site states "After all, you bought this program". It seemed like sound logic to me, so I began advertising them through Clickbank.com. Two weeks after I began advertising, they were removed from Clickbank's offerings. The reason given by Clickbank was due to too many returns. I soon experienced the same phenomenon. Over 20% of my sales requested returns.

DataEntryBank.com has a threshold of $100 before an affiliate is paid. Through my advertising efforts, I quickly achieved $100 in sales. DataEntryBank.com had advertised payments through Paypal. When I reached the threshold, they announced that they were having issues using Paypal. They stated payment would be sent in the form of a check. I did not realize that they were not based in the United States. I received payment in the form of a check from England. I took it to my bank. They stated that it would cost me $85 to have the funds converted into US dollars. There went most of my profits. I did not blame DataEntryBank's staff. I wrote this off as my lack of due dilligence. I should have asked more questions about where they were based, however, the issues continued.

I have tried to contact them multiple times. I sent an e-mail to the DataEntryBank staff. I told them of my situation and asked for some ideas on how to handle it. I also misplaced my login to the DataEntryBank.com site. I have sent them three e-mails explaining the situation and requesting my login again. This was over a year ago and I still have not received any response. I am not trying to slander anyone. I still have the e-mails and am glad to provide them to anyone wishing for verification.

I am not the only person that has experienced issues with this site. You can read other people's experience at Scam.com,Yahoo Answers, and McAfee Site Advisor. I would not recommend purchasing the DataEntryBank.com program. The same information can be found for free at site's such as ZacJohnson.com.



ZacJohnson.com is a Must Read for Making Money Online!

Mentors are critical to any new endeavor. Mentors provide information that allows you to avoid making the same mistakes they did. Finding a good mentor is like "standing on the shoulders of giants". ZacJohnson.com provides anyone endeavoring to be successful in internet marketing with a very knowledgeable mentor.

Zac Johnson has been making money online since he was a teenager. Zac states that he has never held a "regular" job. Certainly, a statement that few people can make. Zac Johnson started out during the days of Compuserve, when internet marketing was in its infancy. Zac Johnson began his education by networking with other web designers in the "AOL Web Diner". Zac Johnson made money making online graphics for other webmasters. He then moved on to affiliate marketing joining such affiliate networks as Never Blue Ads. Zac Johnson was paid a commission every time someone filled out a form our bought a product.

Zac Johnson is definitely an internet money making success story. You have enough blogs to read. Why should you add Zac's to your reading list? Zac Johnson is not content with simply making money online. Zac Johnson wants to share his experiences with budding internet marketers. Zac's blog is filled with gems of information to help anyone jump start their internet marketing efforts.

Zac Johnson's articles are not veiled attempts to sell his products. Zac truly wants to help other people make money. ZacJohnson.com offers articles that walk you through such useful skills as picking an affiliate program, writing winning ad copy, choosing a domain name, and setting up a traffic pulling website. Here are just a few of the articles I have found indispensable:
These are just a few of the articles available on ZacJohnson.com. Whether you are new to internet marketing or looking for ways to make money online, ZacJohnson.com should be in your daily reading list. Zac Johnson will provide you with ideas, resources, and tools for putting your success on overdrive.



Is Associated Content Worth Your Time?

Writing has always been an important communication tool. Before there were computers, letters allowed family members separated by thousands of miles to keep in touch. Soldiers sitting on foreign fields used letters to let their loved ones know they were alive. Computers and the internet have only increased this phenomenon. E-mail allows employees to keep in touch, at any time day or night. Chat rooms allows people to meet like minded individuals across the country. Writing is now becoming a way to make money online. Associated Content offers budding writers the chance to get paid while learning the craft.

Associated Content allows writers to submit articles on any subject. Personally, this is their most appealing quality. I belong to several writing sites. I will be writing reviews about each one, however Associated Content is certainly my favorite. I find it easier to write on whatever subject is on my mind, at that moment. Associated Content allows me to do that. Whether you want to write on American Idol, President Obama, Wrestlemania, or how you house trained your dog, you can.

Not all writers like choosing their own topic. You may prefer to have topic ideas given to you. Associated Content will still work for you. Associated Content provides writers with general topic ideas. Associated Content's topic suggestions are based on potential performance. For instance, around Valentine's Day, Associated Content offered topics suggestions such as "Top 10 flower shops in ____" and "Ways to make Valentine's Day romantic".

Writing is a craft. Anyone can sit down and write their thoughts. That does not mean that anyone would want to read them. You have to be able to put yourself in your reader's shoes and provide timely, interesting information. Often, critic from other writers can be crucial. Associated Content has created a community that is willing to support new writers. Associated Content's writers (they call them "content producers") are very willing to provide support.

When I first started I contacted a veteran content producer Michelle Devon. She did not know me from Adam. In my email, I introduced myself and asked her to provide any tips she could about being successful with Associated Content. I explained that I was a new writer and offered to provide promotional links to her articles. I received a response within a few hours. She was more than willing to help. Michelle offered me some very valuable advice. I will share her tips in a later article. To my surprise, Michelle did not expect anything in return. Michelle stated that she would appreciate any promotional links but that her advice was not contigent on them.

Associated Content provides a tiered payment system. In my experience, writing sites pay in
one of three ways; upfront payment per submission, pay per view, or pay per sale. Associated Content provides a two tier payment system. Associated Content pays writers upfront and then for every view the article receives. Associated Content's upfront payments range from approximately $3 - $10. Associated Content then pays from $1 - $2 for every 1000 views an article receives.

This pay may not sound like a large amount of money. However, it can add up. I have been writing for Associated Content since October 2008. I have not been the most active writer. I have only written 25 articles. To date, these articles have earned me $51.41. My total is lower than some because not all my article were submitted for upfront payment. I only submitted 12 articles for upfront payment.

Greed got the best of me. Associated Content reviews every article submitted for upfront payment. This review process can take up to five days. I thought more money could be made by submitting daily, time sensitive articles without the upfront payment. Most of these articles were written on political topics. By doing this, I potentially left between $36 and $120 on the table.

Writing is only one way to make money online. However, this can require the least amount of preparation. After all, we all have opinions and love to express them. Associated Content can be a wonderful partner in this endeavor. Whether you want to choose your own topic or prefer to choose topics from a list, Associated Content will meet your needs. Associated Content allows writers to make money in two different ways, immediately from upfront payments and for posterity through performance payments. Associated Content's community of writers will assist you in producing high quality pieces. No matter why you write or on what topics, Associated Content is a great way to earn extra money.

I hope each of you will find Associated Content to be a lucrative endeavor. I look forward to assisting you in any way that I can. Should you choose to join Associated Content, feel free to e-mail me. I will provide every new writer with the advice that Michelle provided me and some additional tips I have learned. May every one of you achieve your dreams.

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Can Money Be Made Online?

Late night infomercials are full of products promising overnight riches. By now, you probably have seen or even tried many of them. You are not alone. I have purchased many of these items. Well, I am not rich, just a little poorer. Leaving me with one burning question, Can money really be made online?

I am sure I am not alone. You are probably asking yourself the same question. I am starting this blog in the hope that I will save someone from making the same mistakes I have. Life is not an individual event, it is a team sport. There is no reasons that one person making money means another should suffer. I am determined to equal my full time income online. I hope that the information I provide will allow you to do the same.