Persistence is Key to Make Money Online Bloggging

I have spent the last three years trying to make money online. I have tried to make money online blogging, selling products online, and many ideas to make money from home online. I cannot say that I have enjoyed stunning success. But, as I look back at the last three years I do see one pattern. Persistence is key to make money online blogging.

There are as many ways to make money online as there are traditional career options. Not every career is right for every person. Just the same, not every idea to make money online is right for everyone. One person might enjoy success publishing articles online. Someone else might find success as an internet marketer. We must find the idea that fits with our talents. This sounds like most of the general advice to make money online.

However, few blogs or websites talk about the importance of persistence. This reminds me of the story of Alexander Graham Bell. He tried over 1000 times to invent the light bulb. No matter how many times he failed, Alexander Graham Bell continued trying. Eventually, he would find a design for a working light bulb. We must follow the example of Alexander Graham Bell.

If one way to make money online does not work then we must keep trying. It is not very likely that we will enjoy success with the first idea we try. It may not be the idea at all. It may be that we do not yet have enough knowledge or the wrong approach. We must analyze each failed attempt. It is crucial to identify what we could have done better and come up with better approach.

The most important thing is we must have persistence. We cannot become discouraged and give up. If we give up then success will always elude us. Looking back over the last three years, I wonder how much time I have wasted. How close to success was I? How close did I come but quit before achieving it? Persistence was the most important trait I did not execute. As you endeavor to make money online, remember that persistence is the most important trait for success.


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