Trying to Make Money Online? Quit Trying and Just Do It!

The internet is chocked full of people trying to teach you to make money online. Heck, this blog is dedicated to the same thing. You can even by books and reports, on late night television that claim to teach the same thing. To put it in the words of Anthony Robbins, "Why do people not follow Nike's advice and "Just Do It"?"

A blog that I love to read is Erica.biz. I enjoy her blog because I fully believe in mentors. Finding people that have already successful in your chosen endeavor. When it comes to running a successful business, Erica Douglass knows what she is talking about. By her early twenties, Erica had already started, grown, and sold her first business. Eria.biz published a post called “2009 Goals Update - Perfectionism is Your Worst Enemy“.

Erica provides insight into her 2008 goal of earning $10,000/mo online. Her plan was to start a membership site. Early in the process, a few customers criticized the concept. Erica believed that their points were valid. She changed the site to utilize these ideas. She stopped production of her current idea and "went back to code" to incorporate the suggestions. Erica states that she later realized that not continuing with the current idea and incorporating the suggestions later cost her valuable money making time.

The potential to make money online exists. Internet World Statistics reported there are currently 1,596,108 internet users. Imagine selling a $1 product to 0.01% of these users. You would make $100,000. Imagine if you could repeat this each year.

This may seem unobtainable. You may doubt the possibility of selling to even 0.01% of all internet users. Right now, I cannot tell you the secret formula. I can tell you that I do not believe the formula is a "secret". I believe that it is a set of skills. Like any other endeavor, you must dedicate yourself to learning these skills. I have developed a game plan for myself. Here are the steps I have identified:

  • Identify your goals - my current goal is to be making $3000 a month online by December 31, 2009.

  • Identify what you enjoy - I identified that I enjoy helping people and writing. Using these talents I am developing a series of blogs. In addition to this website I have “My Dumb Criminals Blog” and “My ADHD Blog“.

  • Follow through - for me this has meant actually developing the sites and finding ways to keep them updated. My goal is to provide new content every day. Currently, I am up to a couple of times a week.

  • Educate Yourself - It is important to educate yourself about internet marketing. Research for this site is one way I am educating myself. You may also want to view the resources I have listed.
If you are looking for ideas for making money online, here are a few of my personal favorites.
  • Associated Content - a great site to make money writing articles online.

  • People Search Engine - this is a new idea that I have been trying. You get your own search engine for people. You are paid based on sales to the site. Personally, I like that they even help you advertise the site.


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